#tuesdaytip: how to use a proxy brush


Here’s this weeks Periodontal Associates – The Dental Implant Team’s #tuesdaytip on how to use a proxy brush. This how to video shows how proxy brushes keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Proxy brushes can be used with dental implants too.

The use of the proxy brush is demonstrated by Ally, who at the time of this video was Dr. Doug Heller’s assistant, who is now a hygienist here.

#tuesdaytip: how to use an electric toothbrush

Michelle is one of our two hygienists at Periodontal Associates – The Dental Implant Team. In this video she demonstrates how to properly use a Sonicare electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is a great brush for those suffering from periodontal (gum) disease.

Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue, ligaments, and bone around the teeth. It causes weakening and ultimate destruction of these tissues which protect and support the teeth and hold them in place. If you experience soreness, bleeding, swelling or recession of the gums, Periodontal Associates invites you to contact us for an evaluation. Please contact us at (303) 755-455.

Correct way to floss around a dental implant #tuesdaytip


If you have dental implants make sure you are flossing around it correctly. To removed excess bacteria, plaque and debris from dental implants, pull the floss inwards towards the post of the implant and use a back and forth sawing motion instead of an up and down movement.

This #tuesdaytip has been provided by one of our licensed dental hygienist at Periodontal Associates – The Dental Implant Team. Drs. Versman, Heller, and Beckman in Aurora, CO are proud to be serving Denver and the surrounding communities for over forty years.